Dry Fruits & Spices are now part of our everyday lives

Dry fruits, also known as super foods are nothing short of spectacular, as we know it. Dry fruits are the easiest source of energy and immunity for an ailed body. Almonds for memory, walnuts for heart, raisins and apricot for brain and dried plums for bones.

We’ve been sub-consciously taking them for a while. Even our cultural history has embraced them with both hands meanwhile understanding their value in our life.

For instance, tradition of giving dry fruit laddu for mothers after the delivery of baby to improve her physical strength. The pre-wedding ritual of “God-bharai”(bride’s shower) with gifts and dry fruits signifies love and acceptance towards their new life.

And the well known offering of dry fruit milk at the wedding night tells their tailor made way to boost health through ethics.

As a result, we can decode that be it physical or emotional health, dry fruits have proven to be a delightful snack for one and all.

While spices are life of food in our country, it would be no exaggeration to declare that our staple and special foods are all about spices. Oh come on. For centuries till date, we have been known for our spices globally.

Indian dishes continue to be one of the favorite choice of people around the world. Besides adding flavor and nourishment to the food, spices are no less than a low cost, effective and proven medicine. And the trending global sensation for Ayurveda is a milestone in this regard.

Importance of Dry Fruits and Spices

Right from the beginning of the global pandemic covid-19, markets have observed a steady increase in dry fruits and the spice-market all over the world. This indicates that the masses wished to get immune and healthy enough to face and fight against the pandemic through dry fruits and spices.

The statistics proved that the people who include dry fruits and spices in their daily diet live longer, healthy and immune.

While these names are no stranger to you- haldi, jeera, heeng, ajwaayen, raayi, maithidana, laung etc. They are so much more than the taste that they add to your dish. So much more than what you know.

You don’t know it, but you do it!

Even the rock salt that is widely used in our country during festivals and fast has been observed to protect the heart health, if consumed on daily basis.

We all remember our grandma giving us that turmeric touched milk whenever we got injured or bleed ourselves.

The widespread usage of garlic and ginger in the cold months is no secret to us.

Curd can never taste better without a touch of oil-roasted spices and What is Dhokla without if not with raayi? All of this may seem pretty exciting for now,

But it seems like we are too busy to recognise the medicinal magic of our spices and the immune tonic of dry fruits. The race of ever spinning time has blinded our eyes to see what’s beneath.

Remedy for many Health Issues

We can control many health issues by adding spices and dry fruits to our diet . Some of which are stated here in brief-

1) ACIDITY- Mix saunth, bada ilaaichi and cinnamon powder in equal proportions to prevent acidity

2) HIGH BP- Mix sauf and jeera powder to mishri in equal proportions and take it with lukewarm water to cure low bp

3) INSOMNIA- Mix equal proportions of mishri, Saunf, black salt and black pepper to chaach and drink it once or twice to prevent Insomnia.

4) COUGH: Eat Dates while drinking hot milk(without mixing sugar or any sweetener)

Apart from the above, little homely tricks like taking ajwaayen with warm water to cure gas problem, including heeng with deshi ghee in diet (like in vegetables, pickles) for low bp, eating pista and til laddu for sharp memory and cinnamon oil massage for headache works magic.

After all, we all know that, prevention is always better than cure.

Beauty and Hygiene

Not only spices and dry fruits are natural, but they have also proven their worth in the hygiene and beauty department.

Don’t you remember? We have a whole cultural ceremony based on haldi as a part of wedding. In the era of heavy marketing these herbs have still managed to stand against an army of artificial chemicals.

And continue to do so with the help of emerging Ayurvedic brands such as Rustic art, Just herbs, Soul tree, karma Ayurveda, forest essentials, boutique and so much more. We are so fortunate that we have these healthy choices.

The sad part is, we still do not believe in our very eyes that these super foods and medicine have proven to be more than significant in our lives. In the simplest words, we have ignored the fact that we have a treasure to treasure in our home, and we look for it every where but here.

So you ask me, what can I do now? Well! It’s never too late to take a positive leap of faith.

Next time when you look for a new beauty product, just try out a haldi plus milk mask before buying it or before switching to the trending supplements that someone suggested, try including some dry fruits in your morning breakfast.

Who knows, you might come across a miracle. A miracle worthy enough to get cherished, shared and loved.

So why not!

Prevention is better than cure. Add Dry Fruits and Spices to your diet.

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