Customer Referral Program Policy

What is meant by Customer Referral Program Policy?

ApnaQart introduces unique Referral Program for the customers, which can benefits Lakhs of people to earn with Zero Investment during this Pandemic.

What is the procedure to qualify for the Customer Referral Program?

Just you need to share the Unique Referral Link to your Family Members, Relatives, Friends and others via any Social Networks.
If anyone purchases through the Referral Link, ApnaQart credits upto 500₹ to your registered Linked Bank Account/UPI Transfer.

Can we recharge the Wallet Balance/Points from the Bank?

Yes, we can recharge the Apna Wallet Balance/Points from the Bank.

What happens if the referral order get cancelled? Do we still qualify and receives the Referral Amount?

As per Customer Referral Program Policy, If any Referral Order get cancelled then the Referral Amount would not receives. 

How much time it takes to receive my Referral Amount to my Apna Wallet after Referral Order successfully placed?

After 24 Hours of time after successfully completed of Referral Order, your Referral Amount/Points credits to your Apna Wallet and can transfer at any time.

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